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rapid and secure transport

It will increase the flexibility of operations between totally different ports, rather than being restricted to those with specially installed rail methods of the prior art. These and different options of the invention make potential decreased in port time as discussed below, and supply an improved system and method for fast, safe transport of cargo by sea. A system of the invention for speedy, secure transport of cargo by sea contains, in combination, an improved ship of the invention and an improved association of the invention for loading and unloading cargo from the ship.

rapid and secure transport

Thus, the system is ready to meet the recent substantial enhance within the want for accurate security and monitoring of containers and monitoring of their contents and of other cargo items at all times that the containers or cargo units are in transit on the automobile throughout loading and unloading. This increase in security and monitoring can cut back the time taken in port to load and unload containers/cargo models and course of them through port security systems which essentially depend upon random checks. The use of at least one self-propelled, automatically guided vehicle for carrying the cargo also eliminates the necessity for using rail pairs on the dock and in the ship. Because the vehicles within the disclosed embodiment transfer on rubber-tired wheels, with out the necessity for rails, the ship could be loaded and unloaded at any normal roll on/roll off port. This reduces the impact of getting to alter port in the event of port closure by strikes or malfunctions of port services.

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Clients have the choice to guide a luxurious sedan or SUV. Secure and compliant with EU fee regulation. Rapid Transfer can be protected in opposition to chargebacks and uses your customer banks’ further security. To assist us direct you query to the best group to offer an answer please choose which option finest descibes you.

rapid and secure transport

The scanning system maintains management and surveillance of cargo in transit on the car. The security scanning system includes a reader 210 and a area unit 211 on the automobile 207. The reader is capable of studying identification means on a cargo carried by the vehicle and in turn speaking with the sphere unit. The field unit is able to communication with at least considered one of a ship server 215, a dockside server 213 and a worldwide knowledge heart 214 as depicted in FIG.

Bringing Rapid Identification

As described above, within the disclosed embodiment the strategy additional contains communicating the reading of the identification means from the automobile to at least one of a ship server, a dockside server and a worldwide data center. In addition, further studying of the identification means on the cargo is carried mantenimiento de flota out when the cargo is on the cargo carrying deck of the ship utilizing a reader of a reader grid along the deck which communicates the additional studying to a ship communication system thus handing off monitoring of the cargo/containers. This monitoring can proceed within the ship at sea, the mechanically guided vehicles being guided from the ship and remaining at port for loading and unloading the next ship in port.

A system for fast, safe transport of cargo by sea includes a monohull fast ship and an association for loading and unloading cargo through a gap within the stern of the ship and along a driving floor of a cargo carrying deck of the ship. The arrangement features a self-propelled, routinely guided automobile for carrying cargo to be transported during loading and unloading of the ship and a self-contained safety scanning system on the automobile for maintaining control and surveillance of cargo in transit on the automobile. The ship features a reader grid of ship communication system on the cargo carrying deck to which continued management and surveillance of the cargo can be handed off from the car scanning system.

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