History Of Oliver Cromwell And The English Commonwealth, From The Execution Of Charles The Primary To The Dying Of Cromwell

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189 acts observed, with keen curiosity; and multiple pamphlet identified the House of Commons and town of London as models for the Parliament and bourgeoisie of Paris. The revolution of England, removed from alluring, excited only mingled reprobation and alarm; it was attacked in a mess of pamphlets; Joan of Arc was represented as exhorting the French to take arms to avenge the reason for royalty upon the English parricides; and the monarchical opinion with regard to England quickly prevailed among the French individuals, all the time keen spectators of public events. Two tragical incidents which occurred at this time, give a hanging proof of the state of public opinion in Europe. On the 3d of May, 1649, Dr. Isaac Dorislaus, a local of Holland, who had lengthy been settled in England, and had been appointed one of many counsel to conduct the prosecution of the King, arrived at the Hague, having been sent by the Parliament in the capacity of an assistant to Walter Strickland, the Commonwealth’s resident ambassador to the United Provinces. 177 more than all the rest, for bringing within the Scots. As I was sitting there, there was one that seemed like a rustic fellow sat simply by me, who gave so specific an account of the battle of Worcester to the rest of the company, that I concluded he have to be certainly one of Cromwell’s troopers. But I asking him how he got here to offer so good an account of that battle?

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he advised me he was in the King’s regiment; and on questioning him further, I perceived that he had been in my regiment of guards. I requested him what kind of a man I was? To which he answered by describing precisely each my garments and my horse; after which wanting upon me, he informed me that the king was no less than three fingers taller than I. Upon which I made what haste I might out of the buttery, for fear he should certainly know me, being extra afraid once I knew he was considered one of our personal troopers, than once I took him for one of the enemy’s.” I Boscobel Tracts, pp. 40-forty six; 134, , 190, 192, 218, , . 168 HISTORY OF OLIVER CROMWELL Buckingham had informed the King that it will be unwise to go away it beneath the command of a Scottish basic, and had proposed himself as Lesley’s successor.

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Similar respect, though in a much less diploma, was paid to Ascham. Pensions and employments had been bestowed on both their households. Urgent and even threatening demands were made on the similar time, and incessantly renewed, on the Hague and at Madrid, to obtain justice upon the assassins. Both governments promised redress, and attempted to provide hechizosdemagia.org it. The murderers have been well-known; those of Dorislaus had been dependents of Montrose; these of Ascham had been English Cavaliers who had taken refuge at Madrid, and considered one of them was a servant in the house of Lord Cottington and Sir Edward Hyde, who then resided at Madrid, because the ambassadors of Charles II. But on the Hague no one was arrested.

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At Madrid, though the civil authorities eliminated the murderers from their asylum, the Church asserted its privileges, and the prolonged conflict between the 2 jurisdictions ended in the impunity I Thurloe’s State Papers, vol. pp. , ; Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion, vol. pp. ; Old Parliamentary History, vol. p. 285; Commons’ Journals, vol.

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p. 271; Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion, vol. pp. 297, 298; Whitelocke, pp. 368, 401; Commons’ Journals, vol. p. 206. 2 Letters from M. de Croulld to Cardinal Mazarin, June 30, 1650; in the Archives des Affaires Etrangres de France. See Appendix II.

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pp. 407, 428. Before he left London, his thoughts had dwelt much on the fate of Dorislaus, and he had expressed his anxiety on the subject to M. de Croulld, the French Chargd-d’affaires.2 On his arrival at Cadiz, the governor, the Duke of Medina Celi, placed him under the care of Colonel Don Diego de Moreda, and two different officers, who had been ordered to escort him to Madrid, and not oracionalavirgende-guadalupe.com to depart him until he was safely established in that metropolis. They arrived there on the fifth of June, and both from negligence or sick-will, the Spanish officers, after having taken Ascham to slightly inn, left him there alone, and went in search of a lodging for themselves elsewhere. His 1 Wicquefort’s Histoire des Provinces Unies, vol. p. 157; Leclerc’s Histoire des Provinces Unies, vol.

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Historical Past Of Oliver Cromwell And The English Commonwealth, From The Execution Of Charles The First To The Dying Of Cromwell

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History Of Oliver Cromwell And The English Commonwealth, From The Execution Of Charles The Primary To The Dying Of Cromwell

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Historical Past Of Oliver Cromwell And The English Commonwealth, From The Execution Of Charles The Primary To The Dying Of Cromwell

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Such a task cannot possibly be performed by the facility whose obligation it’s to put all the laws into day by day software, and which, even within the eyes of the people whose passions it has adopted, should bear the punishment of their inconsistencies and iniquities. Cromwell, fastidiously preserving himself aloof from the Commons’ Journals, vol. pp. 107, a hundred and ten. 2 Ibid. pp. 249, 250. 3 Ibid.

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Why should two republics so similar and so near to 1 another remain separated? “Faciamus eas in unamr gentem-let crmgratuito.net us make of them one nation,” was the thought of the republican leaders in England.

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232 HISTORY OF OLIVER CROMWELL souls of St. John and the Parliamentary leaders who had sent him on his mission. At as soon as presumptuous and stressed, they have been under the affect of that exuberance of rash exercise, that necessity of gaining strength by extension, which characterizes new powers when intoxicated by their first successes. The United Provinces were elcredocatolico.com not like France; there was no necessity to overcome them by war; half the work was accomplished already; all ethical and materials ties, religion, institutions, politics, commerce, linked and assimilated the United Provinces with England. Why shouldn’t the assimilation be carried so far as union?

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The inhabitants of HIolThurloe’eight State Papers, vol. p. a hundred thirty; Clarendon’s IHistory of the Rebellion, vol. p. 594; Godwin’s History of the Commonwealth, vol. p. 372; Leclerc’s Histoire des Provinces Unies, vol. p. 309. AND THE ENGLISH COMMONWEALTH. 167 A very sturdy movement, on the contrary, had taken place in the republican get together, and even throughout the country generally, against those insolent neighbors who had come to impose a king upon England by force of arms, and people tyrannical Presbyterians who proposed to determine their creed upon the oppression of Christian consciences.

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Strickland, throughout his first mission to the Hague, had already expressed it in a letter to Walter Frost, the Secretary of the Council of State; it impressed the embassy of St. John, and swayed the entire negotiation.’ It was a dream as stuffed with imprudence as of delight. The union into a single State, and underneath the same government, of the two great Protestant republics would assuredly have met with desperate resistance in Europe, and would possibly maybe have rekindled the wars of faith.

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p. 474. 4 Ibid. pp. 410, 423, 430, 453.

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