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C I/2/R P 2. subject referred to by reporting del. of comm.

C I/2/R P 1. I (as sec. 10). reported in first report o f drafting comm, (as sec. 10). first report of drafting comm, corrected in Comm. I. CI/M /4. reported in first report o f drafting comm, (as sec. 9) CI/DC/2. 1 (as sec. 7).

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reference (as II-5) to Comm. descargarpseint.online I reported by comm.

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(as. sec. 7). I (as secs. Alts. A and D reported (as secs. three, 5) as accepted by comm. reference (as IX -three ) to drafting comm, reported by comm. C I/2/RP3. reported (as sec. four ) in first report of drafting comm.

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C I/2/RP1. A reported as accepted partially by comm. topic discussed by reporting del. of comm.

  • On the twelfth of August, 1652, the House ordered the Council of State, with all convenient speed, to report to it what had been done touching the retrenchment of the forces, particularly within the three garrisons of Exeter, Gloucester, and Bristol.
  • Few attorneys of Lord Campbell’s eminence may have produced such a work as he has put forth.
  • None but legal professionals ot his expertise and acquirements might have compiled a piece combining the same interest as a narration, to the public generally, with the identical quantity of sensible data for professional aspirants more notably.-Britannia.
  • 292 HISTORY OF OLIVER CROMWELL Lambert consented, thus placing himself, in his misadventure, under obligation to Cromwell, who, by this implies, made hiE son-in-legislation the commander in Ireland, and transformed the person whom some had attempted to set up as his rival within the army, right into a deadly enemy of the Parliament.’ He excelled in thus vigorously pushing his advantages.

CI/1/DC5. request to make clear oraciones-poderosass.com reported by comm. CI/1/RP2.

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CI/2/RP1. A reported, as accepted by comm. topic referred to by reporting delegate o f comm. C I/2/RP2.

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reported in second report of drafting comm. reported by reporting del. of comm. CI/1/RP1.

Fee Competition Policy In 1982 Twelfth Annual Report. Data Memo P

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These in situ response tests on two borehole heat exchangers confirmed the laboratory measurements, indicating that no important floor water circulate is current. In a second part the warmth storage dimensioning and the heating/cooling system evaluation via computerized simulation are described, which used simulated data for the heating and cooling requirements of the brand new buildings and the bottom heat storage parameters. The PILESIM thermal simulation device is described, a computer code used to simulate heating and cooling systems that use heat-exchanger piles or borehole heat exchangers. The evaluations made on three system ideas are mentioned that permitted the optimal design of the diffusive ground storage system. The construction of the actual system can also be described. An overview of the deep geothermal project in Lavey, Switzerland is offered. The site is positioned near the Rhone river, the place this river crosses a mountain chain within the Alps.

In particular, it presents the foreseen installations and the potential warmth customers. The costs are estimated in a number of attainable boring scenarios. The most promising strategy is just like that adopted many years ago in the Austrian spa of Bad Blumau.

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The geology of the area is described. A well known spa is positioned in Lavey. The aim of the project is to generate energy and ship warmth to an area district heating. Two wells should be bored to seize solofrases.org underground water at an appropriate temperature. The current report summarises the earlier research and focuses on the technical and monetary feasibility of the longer term cogeneration plant.

  • The type of excellence during which the primary volume was received up is absolutely preserved in this.
  • Edited, with quite a few Notes and Additions, by DR. EDMUND RONALDS, and DR. THOMAS RICHARDSON. First American Edition, with Notes and Additions by Prof. WALTER R. JOHNSON. In two handsome octavo volumes, printed and illustrated within the highest type of art, with about 500 wooden-engravings.

As it’s an extra hardware complication they suggest to ignore such a function in future initiatives. This report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy presents, in a first part, the results of two thermal response exams made on a geothermal warmth storage system that types a part of a heating and cooling system for a fancy of buildings comprising the ‘D4’ centre of the Swiss Accident Insurance Institution in Root, near Lucerne, Switzerland.

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It combines geothermal vitality and biomass. A marketing strategy is presented. Recommendations for the following steps are given. Preliminary studies have shown the geothermal potential of deep aquifers within the region named ‘La Cote’ between the Jura mountain and the Lake of Geneva, between Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland. The current synthesis report reviews panelessolares-precios.com the geological features of the area – identified from previous boring – and the expected heat demand within the area. Several sites have been recognized where value-overlaying operation of a geothermal district heating is anticipated.

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Characterization of six alleles of single curl mutants revealed the pivotal function of SlLAX1 in controlling tomato leaf flatness by balancing adaxial and abaxial pavement cell development, which has not been reported in tomato. Using TILLING technology, we isolated an extra mutant allele of the SlLAX1 gene and this mutant confirmed a curled leaf phenotype similar to other curl mutants, suggesting that Solyc09g is answerable for the curl phenotype. These outcomes confirmed that SlLAX1 is required for regular leaf development mediated by balanced adaxial and abaxial pavement cell progress in tomato. This report presents a number of methodologies for the design of instruments supposed to the evaluation of the stability and the control of a business aircraft. At first, a generic flight dynamic mannequin was developed to predict the habits of the plane further to a motion on the management surfaces or additional to any disturbance. For that function, different categories of winds had been considered within the module of simulation to generate various eventualities and conclude about the effectivity of the autopilot. Besides being sensible, the flight mannequin takes under consideration the variation of the mass parameters based on fuel consumption.

We identified sixty five and seven colonies of C. albicans and C. dubliniensis, respectively.

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Expression patterns differ significantly between clades and sister pairs of maize ARF genes. The B3 DNA binding and auxin response factor domains of maize ARF proteins are primarily subjected to negative selection during selective sweep. The blended selective forces drive the diversification and evolution of genomic regions outside of B3 and ARF domains. Additionally, the dicot-specific cursospara.net proliferation of ARF genes was detected. Comparative genomics analysis indicated that maize, sorghum and rice duplicate chromosomal blocks containing ARF homologs are highly syntenic. This examine provides insights into the distribution, phylogeny and evolution of ARF gene family.

The Government, enraged at his escape, used the utmost diligence for his discovery. One of his most faithful friends thought that he can be unable to remain in security in a spot of a lot resort as the Temple, and that he would discover a surer asylum in a small home in Lambeth Marsh. That similar night Lord Capell, accompanied by his good friend alone, went out for the aim of taking the first boat they should discover on the Temple Stairs. It was so late that just one remained. They entered it, and informed the boatman to row them to the opposite aspect of the river. p. 128. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit group helping the academic neighborhood use digital applied sciences to preserve the scholarly report and to advance analysis and teaching in sustainable methods.

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/IAA genes in whole-genome scale. Here, we report the great evaluation of ARF genes in maize. A whole of 36 ARF genes were recognized and validated from the B73 maize genome through an iterative strategy. Thirty-six maize ARF genes are distributed in all maize chromosomes besides chromosome 7. Maize ARF genes enlargement is mainly laoracionasanjose.com as a result of recent segmental duplications. Maize ARF proteins share one B3 DNA binding domain which consists of seven-stranded β sheets and two quick α helixes. Twelve maize ARFs with glutamine-rich center areas might be as activators in modulating expression of auxin-responsive genes.

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Our multidisciplinary method revealed that auxin is quickly redistributed to the lower side of the basis inside minutes of a ninety° gravity stimulus. Unexpectedly, auxin asymmetry was rapidly lost as bending root tips reached an angle of 40° to the horizontal. We hypothesize roots use a “tipping point” mechanism that operates to reverse the uneven auxin flow at the midpoint of root bending. These mechanistic insights illustrate the scientific worth of creating quantitative reporters such as DII-VENUS along side parameterized mathematical fashions to supply excessive-decision kinetics of hormone redistribution.

Eleven maize ARF proteins are lack of homo- and heterodimerization domains. Putative cis-components concerned in phytohormones and light-weight signaling responses, biotic and abiotic stress adaption find in promoters of maize ARF genes.

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had had expertise, as the requirements of the time required, each of his independence and his loyalty. The Court granted him an inadequate delay, and when he prayed for more time, he was advised, ” that it was for prisoners to arrange their proofs against the trial, he having been in jail so long.” After his condemnation, he was urgently solicited to make certain revelations in regards to the past. Cromwell even sent messengers to offer him not only his life, but the restitution of his former fortune if he would achieve this; however he indignantly refused, saying, that “if he had as many I Lady Theresa Lewis’s Lives from the Clarendon Gallery, vol. i. p. 252. 2 State Trials, vol. iv. col. 1155; Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion, vol. vi. pp. 252 —266. 38 HISTORY OF OLIVER CRO3MWEL-L given that their trial ought to instantly be proceeded with.’ On the following day, the second of February, as quickly as night had fallen, Lord Capell, whom certainly one of his pals had supplied with a twine, let himself down from his room within the Tower into the ditch beneath. He had been informed as to what a part of the ditch he would discover it most easy to traverse; but he either mistook the place to which he had been directed, or the weter and mud had been deeper than his informant had expected, for he sank into the mire to his chin, and was on the point of giving up his try and shouting for assistance. His tall stature and undaunted courage, nevertheless, saved him; he succeeded in reaching the other facet, the place his pals had been expecting him. He was conducted by them to the Temple, the place he remained concealed for 2 days.

This is the first time that C. dubliniensis is recognized with phenotypic strategies in Colombia. Isolation of Candida dubliniensis for the first time in Cali, Colombia, and its identification with phenotyping methods. /IAA-primarily based reporter, domain II -VENUS, at the side of a mathematical model to quantify auxin redistribution following a gravity stimulus.

  • I had already determined to undertake it because the principal e-book of reference in my division.
  • This has been prepared by Mr. Tuckerman, on the plan adopted by Mr. Shaw, and the volume is again offered with full confidence that it will be discovered of nice utility as a textual content-book, wherever this subject forms a part of the tutorial course; or as an introduction to a systematic plan of studying.
  • From the Rev. W. G. T. Shedd, Professor of English Literature within the University of Vt.
  • I take nice pleasure in saying that it provides a want that has long existed of a short historical past of English literature, written in the proper methodology and spirit, to function an introduction to the important research of it.
  • From Prof. R. P. Dunn, Brown University, April 22, 1852.

Commission Competition Policy In 1982 Twelfth Annual Report. Information Memo P

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  • CI/2/RP2.
  • reported in first report of drafting comm, (as sec. 5 ).
  • I (as sec. 5).

Written with remarkable clearness, and scrupulously appropriate in its details.-M-ining Journal. His expositions are most lucid. There are few who will not observe him with pleasure as well as with profit through his masterly exposition of the ideas and first legal guidelines of science. It ought to certainly be made a category-book in schools.-Critic.



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The former are accompanied with notes and illustrations introduced sparingly, avoiding on the one hand the error ofoverburdening the work with commentary, and on the opposite that of leaving the student totally to his own resources. The major object has been to awaken the scholar’s mind to a way of the beauties and peculiarities of his writer, to assist him where assistance is important, and to lead him to think and to analyze for himself. For this function maps and other engravings are given wherever helpful, and each writer is accompanied with a biographical and important sketch. C. C. SALLUSTII CATILINA ET JUGURTHA, 1 vol.

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Or the entire complete in a single very thick royal 18mo. quantity, of practically 900 carefully printed double-columned pages, strongly bound in leather, value software construccion solely $1 25. 402 APPENDIX. Fleet, have commanded us, to whom they’ve confided and entrusted the affairs of the Admiralty, to return a solution to the same.

(Page 246.) I.-THE ARCHDUKE LEOPOLD TO KING PHILIP I-V. Brussels, February 6, 1652. Don Alonzo thinks it advisable for the longer term to hunt for an opportunity of leading the English to interrupt faith with France. lHe says that the potential for capturing Calais is the concept would most readily lead to this outcome, this being the conquest that nmost immnediately suggests itself.

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12 BLANCHARD & LEA’S PUBLICATIONS.-(Educational Works.) SCHIMITZ AND ZUMPT’S CLASSICAL SERIES. Under this title BLANCHARD & LEA are publishing a collection of Latin SchoolBooks, edited by these distinguished students and critics, Leonhard Schmitz and C. G. Zumpt.

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The Council of State, is completely assured of the inclination of the Parliament of the Republic of England, to keep up friendliness and correspondence, as properly with the king your grasp, as with their different cuentos-infantiles.net neighbors. Whitehall, 2nd December, 1652 (zero. S.) Signed within the name, and by the order of the Council of State established by authority of Parliament. B. WHITELOCKE, Presiclent. APPENDIX XXI.

The publishers subsequently would merely state that, in reproducing the work, they’ve spared no pains to render it even better adapted to the American student. It has been handed through the press beneath the care of a reliable editor, who has corrected such errors as had escaped the eye of the English translator, and has made whatever additions appeared essential to deliver it fully on a stage with the present state of science. These shall be found principally within the sections on Botany and Geology; especially the latter, in which references have been made to the quite a few and systematic Government surveys ofthe a number of States, and the whole tailored to the nomenclature and systems generally used on this country. A copious Glossary has been appended, and quite a few further illustrations have been launched wherever the elucidation of the textual content appeared to render them fascinating. It is subsequently confidently introduced as a wonderful Manual for the non-public student, or as a complete and thorough Class-book for collegiate and academical use.

In one good-looking quantity, crown octavo, of about seven hundred massive pages. To accommodate those that need to make use of the separate parts of this work, the publishers have ready an edition, in components, as follows, which can be had singly, neatly accomplished up in flexible cloth, at very reasonable prices. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY,. 114 pages, with 149 Illustrations. Copies can also be had fantastically done up in fancy material, with gilt stamps, suitable for vacation presents and college prizes. The necessity of some acquaintance with the Natural Sciences is now so universally admitted in all thorough education, whereas the circle of facts and rules embraced within the research has enlarged so rapidly, that a compendious Manual just like the BOOK OF NATURE can not fail to provide a need regularly felt and expressed by a large and growing class. The status of the present volume in England and Germany, the place repeated editions have been quickly referred to as for, is enough proof of the creator’s success in condensing and popularizing the rules of his quite a few topics.

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reported as transferred to comm. debated (as IX -4 ) and defined in advert hoc comm, of Comm. reported (as IX -four ) by ad hoc comm, o f Comm. I. C I/A H /R P3. reported (as I X -6) by ad hoc comm, of Comm. I. C I/A H /R P 3.

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A accepted (as V I-three ) by comm. C I/2/M 6. report of drafting comm, accepted by comm. reported as partly accepted in principle by comm.

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stated in working draft for drafting comm. C I/D C /5. acknowledged (as III— in working paper for drafting comm. CI/DC.

comm, debated and accepted by Comm. 2 described and part descargarhappymod.com referred to Comm.

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A debated and referred to drafting comm, by comm. reported, close to Comm. report of ad hoc comm, debated and accepted by Comm. acknowledged, in working draft for drafting comm. CI/D C/5. C I/1/D C 2. reported as accepted by comm.

  • first report o f drafting comm, accepted by Comm.
  • C I/D C /6.
  • commented on by reporting del. of comm.
  • C I/4/R P 3.

report of advert hoc comm, debated and accepted by comm. A amended and accepted by comm. advice for reference to comm. CI/M /5. 3 described and question referred to Comm.

CI/1/M6. B read to comm. ambientadorescaseros.com 1 and referred to drafting comm.

Fee Competitors Policy In 1982 Twelfth Annual Report. Data Memo P

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A debated and accepted with amendment by comm. comments on nature of membership by reporting del. o f Comm. comments by reporting del. of Comm. report of drafting comm, amended and accepted by Comm.

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debated and referred to spec. comm, by subcomm. of comm 2. lastly reported to Comm. II. CII/RP1. p. eight donde-vive.com . A approved as amended by drafting comm.

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II. C II/M /4 . debated and referred to drafting comm, by subcomm. of comm. permitted (as subd. and ) by comm. A accredited software mantenimiento (as sec. 3) by drafting comm.

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CII/D C/RP3. referred partly (as sec. 5) to drafting comm. CII/M /2. accepted by subcomm. C II/2 /S -a -b /R P l. debated and accepted with amendments by subcomm. debated and accepted by Comm.

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C I I /2 /S -a -b /R P l. Amended and really helpful by comm. C II/A H /R P 6.

  • interpretation reported to Comm.
  • C II/A H /R P 3.
  • II by comm.
  • C II/D C /R P three.
  • acknowledged in supp.
  • said in third report of drafting comm.

B discarded and Alt. A amended by comm. II. C II/M /6. referred (as III, four, Alts. B and C) to drafting kefir comm, by comm. 2 amended and accepted by Comm. II. CII/M /6. debate deferred (as Alt. C, sec. 5) by subcomm.

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referred to Subscriptions comm, by Comm. XII, secs. 2-5, as submitted by comm. CI/3/S1. Drafting comm, of comm. 1 instructed to consult on Art. IV, secs.

E (as Alt. C), Art. XX, sec. 4, as submitted by comm. second report, Annex I— Articles o f Agreement of Fund. first report, Annex II— Articles of Agreement of Fund. appointment agreed to be recommended by comm. C l/M l/3 . advice (as Art. X V ) of spec.

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debated and accepted with amendments by comm. C II/l/S b /1 . accepted with amendment by subcomm. report of comm, lb accepted by Comm. accepted, with amendment, by comm.

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Commission Competition Policy In 1982 Twelfth Annual Report. Info Memo P

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Thus, by lowering the variability of the residential sector’s electrical cost, the imply subject management performs a role in increasing power system stability within the face of high levels of renewable energy penetration. The subsequent stage of smartDESC project is now to set up an intelligent electric water heater prototype. This prototype, in progress since January 2016 at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, is geared lasceldasfotovoltaicas.com toward proving concretely the theories developed within the project. This last report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy describes a dynamic simulation device developed at the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland that was used for the simulation of a heating and cooling system which incorporates 32 borehole heat exchangers underneath an industrial constructing in Wollerau, Switzerland.

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This simulator is designed to make full electrical community simulations with a multi-scale method . Firstly, the modules are precisely described theoretically and virtually.

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Thus, a set of “modules” has been developed. These modules are used to generate the optimum control and locally interpret it, to simulate the water-heater thermophysics or water draw occasion, or to virtualize a telecommunication mesh network. The totally different rinoplastiaweb.net elements of the project have been first studied and developed separately. During the course of this grasp’s analysis, the modules have been integrated, examined, interfaced and tuned in a standard simulator.

  • with austere and unflinching devotedness.2 The House had revised and arranged each division of the administration; the laws and diplomacy of the nation, the courts of justice, the police, the finances, the army and the fleet, have been all in its arms.
  • These calls for had been complied with, and the six judges who had tendered their resignation were not replaced until the next summer season.1 The Earl of Warwick, the Lord High Admiral, lived on intimate terms with Cromwell; but he was a decided Presbyterian, who inspired the republicans with no confidence, and who himself most well-liked his own ease to their service.
  • pp. 134-1G3; Whitelocke’s Memorials, pp. ; Clarendon’s.History of the Rebellion, vol.
  • To seem as disinterested because it was lively, it permitted these menlbers who had separated from the conquering party, at the moment of its definitive rupture with the King, to renew their seats in its midst; nevertheless it required from theim on the same time such a disavowal of their former votes that very few might persuade themselves to benefit from this concession.

In right now’s vitality transition, sensible grids and electrical load management are very energetic research fields. This grasp’s thesis is an offshoot of the SmartDesc project which aims at utilizing vitality storage capability of electric family appliances, similar to water heaters and electric heaters to mitigate the fluctuations of system hundreds and renewable technology. The smartDESC project aims at demonstrating that the mean field recreation theory , as new mathematical principle, can be used to convert and control water heaters into smart thermal capacities.


Then, various kinds of management are applied to an uniform inhabitants of houses fitted with water heaters and controllers. The outcomes of those controls are analysed and compared to be able to perceive their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, a study was carried out to analyse the resilience of a mean area control. This report demonstrates that imply area recreation principle in coordination with a system stage mixture mannequin based optimization program, is able to successfully control a large population of water heaters to clean the overall electrical load. This control presents good resilience to unexpected circumstances that may disrupt the network. It can be demonstrated that a mean subject management is able to take up fluctuations due to wind power manufacturing.

This report printed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy takes a look at the analysis programme on photo voltaic heat and heat storage for the years . This document presents some aspects of the solar thermal market in 2007, summarizes the primary photo voltaic thermal technologies for buildings and sketches the main topics of the ‘Solar Heat and Heat Storage’ research programme. Research and improvement points looked at focus mainly on the heating and cooling of buildings. The analysis and improvement issues for solar thermal technologies during mantenimiento de flota the interval include improved efficiency and sturdiness of photo voltaic collectors and elements, new coatings for solar collectors primarily based on nano-supplies in addition to simplified and standardised systems for solar heating and cooling. Building Integration and integration in current heating systems and lengthy-time period work with a give attention to new materials for storing heat to be used in residential buildings are mentioned. Also, calculation strategies and simulation instruments are examined. Pilot and demonstration tasks are reviewed.

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The software was calibrated using the measured warmth stability of the building. The electrical vitality of the circulation pumps was additionally taken into consideration and thus the worldwide effectivity of the system was estimated. The simulation tool is documented.

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Commission Competition Policy In 1982 Twelfth Annual Report. Info Memo P

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At the time when it entered England, the ambitious, presumptuous, and stressed Duke of 1 Whitelocke, pp. 497, 502, 504; Commons’ Journals, vol. pp. 6, 8; Godwin’s IIistory of the Commonwealth, vol. pp. 263, 268, 407, 408; Brodie’s History of the British Empire, vol. p. 307; Boscobel Tracts, p. 180 oracionesdelanoche.net.

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pp. ; Guizot’s Etudes Biographiques sur la Pie&olution dl’Angleterre, pp. 149 —! 36 HISTORY OF OLIVER. ROMWELL Hamilton, the Earl of Holland, the Earl of Norwich, Lord Capell, and Sir John Owen-valiant survivors of the last struggles of the civil war, who had fallen, at different laoracionasanpancracio.com instances, into the power of the Parliament, and had been its prisoners for many months. At one second they almost believed themselves in safety.

Group Involvement

” I frankly give you go away to to suppose,” he. p. 72.

  • For the cheaper our faculty-books could be made, the more widely will they be circulated and used.
  • And who is not going to say that this is a consideration worthy of attention?
  • They won’t cost The scholar, by one half no less than, that which he should expend for another editions.
  • Here you can see, too, no ineffective display of notes and of studying, but in foot-notes on each web page you have every little thing essential to the understanding of the textual content.
  • Here shall be found a set of text-books that mix the excellencies so long desired on this class of works.

ninety two HISTORY OF OLIVER CROMWELL the republicans hoped to derive the same benefits against his son. As quickly because it grew to become recognized in London that he had been proclaimed king in Ireland, and that Ormonde rallied nearly the entire nation beneath his commonplace, it was resolved that he ought to be attacked there. At the same time that they abolished kingship and suppressed the House of Lords, the Commons voted 120,0001.

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Did ever males fake an higher degree of holiness, religion and zeal to God and their country than these? They preach, they fast, they pray, they have nothing more freI Old Parliamentary History, vol. p. 49; Commons’ Journals, vol. p. 151; Whitelocke, pp. 383 —85; The Hunting of the Foxes from Newmarket and Triploe hIeath to Whitehall by Five small Beagles, p. 17; Godwin’s Illstory of the Commonwealth, vol.

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All diversity of political concepts and needs disappeared almost entirely before this nationwide feeling. The militia of a fantastic many large towns-London, Bristol, York, Gloucester, Coventry, Hereford-rose with ardor to defend their properties, pr even to hitch the army which was defending their nation. Regiments of volunteers have been formed in several counties for the same objective. Fairfax, who had refused to invade Scotland, positioned himself on the head of his neighbors in Yorkshire, and offered his companies to Cromwell, to repulse the lads who had dared to invade England. It was not even precisely recognized who was to command it.


The wrestle every day bordered more intently upon war; the slightest incident, whether critical or frivolous, might need kindled it. By the exterior relations which he maintained, and by the letters which he wrote, Lilburne, even whereas in prison, continued to foment an increasingly-harmful agitation, both within the metropolis and in the army. On the 11th of April, 1649,2 the Parliament resolved to deliver him and his three companions to trial; a committee of councillors of state and chief judges, presided over by Bradshaw, was appointed to seek the advice of as to the type of process most suitable under the circumstances; and six barristers had been retained to plead in opposition to the prisoners at the trial. Such formidable preparations excited probably the most passionate emotions among the many partizans of Lilburne; the House was inundated with petitions on his behalf, together with one signed by ten thousand residents of London and its neighborhood, and one other offered by thousands of women, who thronged the approaches to Westminster Hall from everyday. To the first of those petitions, I Whiteloclke, pp. 399, 400. p. 183. AND THE ENGLISH COM1MONWEALTH.

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The House referred this appointment to the Council of State. It was thought that Lambert could be nominated, and most of Cromwell’s friends had appeared to point him as the proper particular person to be chosen. But some, with larger clearsightedness or quicker comprehension, unexpectedly proposed Cromwell himself, who was not present on the meeting. Being immediately informed of this, he appeared surprised and irresolute, and requested the Council of the military to call two officers of each regiment to hitch with him in a non secular meeting for the aim of invoking the Divine guidance in so important a matter. The result of this meeting was that he accepted the command, and the House confirmed his appointment. He signified his acceptance with nice diffidence, and plenty of expressions of “his personal unworthiness, and disaI Commons’ Journals, vol. vi. pp. 157, 159, 163, 170, 172, 182, 186, 188, 208; Whitelocke, pp. 385, 386, 391, 392. 64 HISTORY OF OLIVER CROMWELL country, who, influenced by political or spiritual ideas of a variously anarchical nature, desired another republic than that which was trying to govern England, and gave it their most strenuous opposition.

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